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Living in the Different
The Passages Through Sorrow and Loss

By Elaine J. Clinger Sturtz

Elaine Sturtz shares in Living in the Different that grief is messy, hard, painful, filled with tears and loneliness, but it also includes faith, hope and love. She walks through the journey, the emotions, the changes and hurts. Each grief is different, and grief changes our lives. We are different, and how we live and interact with others is different. The journey of grief takes different forms as we learn to live and mingle joy and sorrow together. Elaine offers hope—a hope of hope—through these passages of sorrow and loss. Hope is found in our faith in God who is love, and love never ends. As you read these words, may God bring comfort and guidance and give you hope.

Paperback: 154 pages
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Family and Relationships

Make Like Lazarus
A Biblical Perspective of Divorce and Remarriage

By Mark Youngkin

To say that divorce is unpleasant is a profound understatement. But for Christians, choosing to proceed with life after divorce in a way that honors God can lead to unspeakable joy, including the joy that is often found in a subsequent marriage.

Transparently sharing lessons from his own divorce and remarriage, Mark Youngkin presents strategies for proceeding from the heartbreak of a shattered marriage. Just as Jesus told Lazarus to come out of His grave, He calls each of us who has experienced divorce to return to life as well. It can be done—and doing it His way is the best way. 

Paperback: 166 pages
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Social Issues

Babies Have the Right 
Abortion Is a Human Rights Violation

By Ellie Centers

This book is based on a paper that Ellie Centers composed during her high school years. Shortly after her death, her work was discovered by her college president, and with her parents’ permission, he chose to publish Ellie’s message. Chapter one is comprised of that message. Chapter two offers a number of relevant scriptures to consider. Chapter three suggests pro-life help that may be available for women who are in a crisis pregnancy situation.

ELLIE CENTERS of South Lebanon, Ohio was a graduate from Kings High School and a student at Valor Christian College in Columbus, Ohio. Ellie was a disciple of Jesus Christ and a voice for the unborn. Her passing in January of 2017 was untimely, but her message carries on.

At the request of Ellie's family, proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Valor Christian College and the Women's Clinic of Columbus (a ministry of World Harvest Church).

Paperback: 30 pages
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Spirit-Empowered Ministry

Living the Prophetic Life 

By J. Randolph Turpin Jr. 

Live a life that is not of this world! Imagine being fully oriented toward a hopeful future. Imagine approaching everything from heaven’s point of view. Imagine being an agent of change sent by God to challenge the status quo. Such is the prophetic life.

In nine succinct chapters, this book provides relevant guidance for the person desiring more than an ordinary, insignificant existence. The author introduces key practices of the prophetic life and addresses the challenges associated with this journey. This book also clarifies several misconceptions regarding living supernaturally.

Paperback: 116 pages
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Essentials for Spirit-Empowered Ministry 
Early Release Edition 

By J. Randolph Turpin, Jr. 

Essentials for Spirit-Empowered Ministry is a book that takes seriously Jesus' words when He said, "Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father" (John 14:12).

What were the works of Jesus? As He proclaimed the Gospel of the kingdom, He healed the sick, worked miracles, raised the dead and cast out demons. If that is what He did, then that is what believers are to do as well.

After Jesus ascended into heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to empower His disciples to continue His supernatural works. Today the Holy Spirit is at work distributing to believers spiritual gifts, making it possible for Jesus' followers to receive revelation, prophesy, exercise unusual faith, heal the afflicted, work miracles, deliver the oppressed and raise the dead.

This book is designed to equip God's people to do the greater works that Jesus promised they would do.

Paperback: 408 pages
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Complete Course and Coaching
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9 Choices that Worked for Our Marriage

Mark Youngkin

This free e-book is one complete chapter from Mark Youngkin's soon-to-be-released, Make Like Lazarus: A Biblical Perspective of Divorce and Remarriage.

Mark Youngkin is professor of leadership and communication at Valor Christian College in Columbus, Ohio, staff minister at World Harvest Church in Columbus and a writer. Make Like Lazarus is his first book. 

In this excerpt, Professor Youngkin reflects on his own journey into remarriage and identifies nine key choices that have contributed to the health of his marriage.

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

J. Randolph Turpin, Jr.

➤ What is fasting?
➤ Why fast?
➤ Why pray?
➤ How to fast
➤ Things that can nullify fasting
➤ Guidelines for congregational implementation

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting offers guidance for individuals, congregations and ministry groups as they engage in extended seasons of consecration to God. The free version is available as a PDF ebook download. It is also available for Kindle readers and in paperback format.

The printed version includes a section for journaling during the twenty-one day journey.

History and Biography

In Search of Martin Turpin
A Family History Quest

By J. Randolph Turpin, Jr.

Thousands of Turpins are historically connected to one lone teenage boy floating down the Clinch River in the year 1798. The boy's name was Martin Turpin. He originated out of Virginia, and he entered Tennessee on a raft. Martin Turpin was the first of the East Tennessee Turpins.

That was all that was known about Martin, until nearly two centuries later when the author went searching for him. Part One of this book is the written account of that quest. Part Two is the story of Martin Turpin's life.

Martin Turpin's story begins with a pre-history reaching back to the days when the Turpins were Vikings. From Norway they invaded France, and from France they joined William the Conqueror in the conquest of England. From England they settled in colonial Maryland, and then they pioneered Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Although this book was written to satisfy the genealogical curiosities of Turpin family researchers, it also serves as a valuable resource for students of colonial and post-colonial American history.

Paperback: 268 pages
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A Man Called King
The Life and Legacy of King Turpin, Jr.

By J. Randolph Turpin, Jr.

What difference can one life make? Born in 1903 as the son of a wanderer in East Tennessee, King Turpin’s childhood was everything but stable, but an encounter with grace instantaneously transformed his life, and for the remainder of his days, faithfulness to God became his highest ambition.

This narrative is based on the memories of the people who knew King and is informed by thirty years of research. Here are enlightening descriptions of King's life as a vagrant in the Tennessee River Valley, as a cotton mill worker in Knoxville, as a miner in Kentucky, Arizona and West Virginia, and as a farmer-miner-preacher in the Appalachian mountains. It is a story filled with amazing incidents of faith in the midst of hardships and dramatic manifestations of God's power. The story of King Turpin, Jr. demonstrates the significance of a life devoted to God.

Written as a tribute to King Turpin with the intent of inspiring faith in God, this book also contains valuable information for researchers exploring Appalachian culture and the history of other East Tennessee Turpins.

Paperback: 234 pages
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Bible Study

Behold the Son 
A Study of the Gospel of John, 3rd Edition 

By J. Randolph Turpin, D.Min. 

Behold the Son has been prepared as a resource for personal study and as a tool for teachers walking their students through a study of the Gospel of John. These pages contain the complete text of the Gospel According to John. The commentary in the footnotes features technical notes, cross references, sermon notes and the author's personal reflections. To further assist in the study, tables have been inserted providing a harmony of the Gospels in those places where such information might prove relevant and helpful.

Dr. Turpin declares this blessing over all who work through this study: "May you behold the Son of God with every turn of the page, with every word that you ponder, and with every prayer that you pray in response to the message of this amazing Gospel."

Paperback: 314 pages
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Prayer Ministry Resources

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

By J. Randolph Turpin, Jr.

21 DAYS OF PRAYER AND FASTING offers guidance for individuals, congregations and ministry groups as they engage in extended seasons of consecration to God.

What is fasting? Why fast? Why pray? These questions are addressed in a way that simplifies these spiritual disciplines and makes them attainable for all Christian believers.

The text provides a practical instruction on how to fast, and it suggests guidelines for congregational implementation. The author also includes a chapter on things that can nullify the benefit of fasting.

This paperback edition includes a section for journaling as the reader takes the twenty-one day journey.

Paperback: 120 pages

101 Prayer Models

By J. Randolph Turpin, Jr.

This book is both personal and missional. It is a practical resource to help Christians jump-start their personal prayer lives. As a missional resource, it is a concise collection of ideas to help small groups and churches mobilize for the ministry of prayer. It is for anyone seeking to link the power of prayer with the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

101 Prayer Models is a catalog of models designed to involve everyone. Presented as a set of annotated lists, the models are arranged in four categories: personal and family models, small group models, congregational models and evangelistic models. 

Paperback: 90 pages