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Shared Discernment
A Workbook for Ministry Planning Teams

By J. Randolph Turpin, D.Min.

“Shared discernment” is an approach to guiding ministry teams through a planning process that involves (1) listening for the voice of the Spirit, (2) sharing what has been heard and (3) discerning what it all means. On the basis of shared discernment, teams can then set goals and draft plans for the work to which God is calling them. 

This manual has been designed to assist ministry teams as they engage in strategic planning in retreat or planning summit settings. Parts Two, Three and Four are presented in a workbook format, making this volume a very practical tool throughout the developmental journey of the ministry team.

The text has been divided into four parts: (1) Introducing Shared Discernment, (2) Pre-summit, (3) The Ministry Planning Summit and (4) Post-summit.

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