More of What Matters
30 Keys to Productivity

By J. R. Turpin

In a world where an impossible number of responsibilities compete for attention, how can we get to the place where we are doing less of the peripheral things and more of what matters? This book offers a solution, presenting a distinctively Spirit-empowered, Christian approach to productivity. After months of reflection on his own history in leadership and service, the author has produced an informed compilation of 30 keys to productivity. 

Dr. Randy Turpin states, “For me, productivity is all about advancing the influence of Jesus in the world. There is no higher cause. I am on a campaign to empower Christians to serve and lead with excellence, demonstrating God’s goodness in every sphere of influence. There is work for us to do. There are things that we need to accomplish. Productivity is a topic worthy of our focused consideration.” 

Paperback: 114 pages
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